About Us

The Orion Healing Center focuses on multi-dimensional healing; creating self-actualized individuals and sustainable communities by developing a harmonious combination of bodily, moral, and spiritual virtues with those that it serves.


The purpose of the Orion Healing Center is to offer a safe space for all to access a wide range of healing modalities, to create a supportive community for those invested in healing themselves and the planet, and to provide spiritual and energetic tools and resources necessary for long term change and the healing of trauma.


The Orion Healing Center seeks to serve all individuals committed to alternative healing practices regardless of their ability to pay.  Grants and scholarships will be used to increase access for those in need.


While the Orion Healing Center will begin with one location, it is committed to developing a plan for expansion into multiple locations to broaden access to its healing opportunities for the planet and humanity.  In addition, the Orion Healing Center is also committed to securing ongoing funding for grants and scholarships to serve those individuals in need throughout all of its locations.


It is also important to the Orion Healing Center to build, through its unique healing experiences with clients, a library of documentation detailing the paths, patterns, outcomes, client experiences and results of its healing work.

This library will be devoted to furthering research into the validity of alternative healing modalities.  It is the goal of the Orion Healing Center to support the mainstream acceptance of this very important work.